SQA акроними

AUT – Application Under Test
BAD – Broken As Designed
BAT – Basic Acceptance Test
BO – Business Owner
BO – Business object
BOM – Business object model
BVT – Build Verification Test
BHO – Browser Helping Object
B2C – Business to Consumer
B2E – Business to Employee
B2B – Business to Business
CAT – Customer Acceptance Testing
CR – Change Request
CQO – Chief Quality Officer
CDR – Critical Design Review
CM – Configuration Management
CMMI – Capability Maturity Model Integration
CMP – Configuration Management Plan
DOA – Dead On Arrival (build that fails BVT)
DTP – Detail Test Plan
DUP – Duplicate
DOC – Document Only Change
ERD – Entity Relationship Diagram
FAT – Factory Acceptance Test
FIX – Fix incident resolved/repaired
FRD – Functional Requirement Documents
FS – Functional Specification
IDR – Internal Documentation Review
IEEE – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IIR – Integrated Independent Review
ISO – International Organization for Standardization
IV&V – Independent Verification and Validation
JAD – Joint Application Development
MTP – Master Test Plan
M2M – Market to Market
OE – Operator Error
OM – Operations Manual
PDL – Product Design Lead
PDT – Product Design Team
PM – Program/Project Manager
PR – Problem Report/ Project Request
PRD – Program Requirements Document
PDD – Project Definition Document
QAF – Quality Assessment Frameworks
QAR – Quality Assurance Request
QC – Quality Control
QL – Quality Lead
RAD – Requirements Analysis Document
RAD – Rapid Application Development
RTM – Requirements Traceability Matrix
SA – Software Assurance
SAC – Supplier Assurance Contract
SAM – Systems Assurance Manager
SAP – Software Assurance Plan
SAT – Site Acceptance Test
SEPG – Software Engineering Process Group
SCR – System Concept Review
SEI – Software Engineering Initiative
SMP – Software Management Plan
SOP – Standard Operating Procedure
SQ – Software Quality
SQA – Software Quality Assurance
SRS – Software Requirement Specification
SRTM – Software Requirements Traceability Matrix
SSP – Software Safety Plan
SSR – Software Safety Review
SUT – System Under Test
SME – Subject Matter Expert
SIT – System/Integration Test
TAE – Test Automation Engineer
TRR – Test Readiness Review
TSL – Test Scripting Language
UAT – User Acceptance Test
UTR – Developer unable to recreate
UC – Use Case
V & V – Verification and Validation
WAD – Works As Designed

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